Know More About Waterproof Cable Gland


As we know, cable gland is widely used in wire and cable management. We often need cable gland protect wire and cables from water. Waterproof is the basic property. So we call them waterproof cable gland.


Due to the different using places, we use different kinds of cable gland. Generally, there are two kinds of cable gland: plastic cable gland and metal cable gland.


Plastic cable gland is made from nylon(PA66). PA66 is a kind nylon. It is better than general nylon. It is more durable with better acid and alkali resistant. Sometimes we use PVC to make cable gland. It is solid and fireproof. But we rarely use PVC cable gland now. Because it isn’t environmental.


Metal cable gland is made from brass or stainless steel. Brass cable gland is popular in the electrical industry. We often use brass cable gland to connect big cables. To make them more durable. We use nickel plated brass. EMC cable gland is a kind of brass cable gland.


Stainless steel cable gland is the best cable gland in the world. We often use 304 stainless steel cable gland instead of brass cable gland in terrible situation. Because stainless steel cable gland is have better acid and alkali resistant. If you want to install and protect your cables from water in seaside. You can use 316L stainless steel cable gland.


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