Steris Tables Making a Difficult Procedure Less Stressful


Whether repairing the effects of a spinal cord injury by tendon transfer for patients with quadriplegia or opening a carpal tunnel to relieve pressure and numbness, Steris Surgical Tables is an invaluable surgical aid, offering surgeons immediate and unrestricted access to this area.

Operating Room Equipment by Soma Technology, Inc.

Lightweight, but stable, with optional removable legs, these Steris tables can be easily taken into an operating room table and guarantee “ wrinkle-free ” surfaces during delicate and demanding operations such as an AV fistula. (arteriovenous), an abnormal connection or passage between an artery and a vein.

Steris tables are also valuable during procedures or fluoroscopy (a continuous x-ray) before surgery to correct injuries or irregularities in the limbs and are easily attached or mounted in scanning suites for preoperative evaluation by surgeons.

Available in rectangular and hourglass designs, the Steris tables allow operating room staff to adjust the height of the table via support legs or provide additional space for the surgeon’s elbows and essential equipment, and many have built-in handles for portability and easier storage when not in use. Powders are available for all models for increased patient comfort, and many Steris tables have integrated mounting clips for easy installation and removal.

Whether sewing a wound or performing the most sensitive tendon transfer, Steris Tables places the affected area front and center, which is exactly what skilled surgeons want.

Soma Technology is one of the leading suppliers of Steris tables and products for the healthcare industry.

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