Games are one of the best topics of discussion among known and strangers. You can talk hours on different kinds of games available through offline games have their specific importance in this online world. No online option can beat the vibes experienced while playing offline. However, the brighter part is you get the majority of the online version of the offline games. This is slowing turning to curse as well. Youngsters are getting more attracted towards the shimmery online games. Progress is undoubtedly a sign of prosperity and necessity. However, the old touch of the real games should not be forgotten at any cost. The essence of the old school version of the online games remains intact.Image result for video games

There are many positive and negative aspects of online games. Despite the fun extracted from the game, it curves your way to addiction. It is okay if online games are taken as a mode of amusement.


There are many popular games available online in just a click. The latest survey has given a list of widely played ones. Some of them are-

  1. Player unknown’s battleground: the game was launched in 2018 and had the accessibility of 50 million players. It has driven the online payers crazy with its features. Every one among there two people goes gaga over the game. The whole set up of the game relies on armor and H1Z1. One game can include 99 players at one go. the extraordinary graphics of the game also makes it the chosen one among the long game list. It comprises of fights for a mission accomplished.
  2. Fornite battle royale: the game is launched in 2017 and has an accessibility range of 39 million players. It is the consecutive top listing game of the present calendar for two years. Although the game has restricted some of its features in the boy zone. Therefore, it lags popularity comparative to PUBG. It comprises of incredible stages, players and twists during playing.
  3. League of legends: it is one of the widely played games comprising of 29 million online players till date. The games attain wide popularity because of its incredible graphics. It allows multiple players.


Every coin has two broad perspectives- the positive and the negative side. Although technology has made out natural life ad comfortable. It has given a human a chance of making loopholes in disciplines. The online games are undoubtedly standardized games causing extreme fun while playing. However, the urge of playing, when grows strong takes the turn to addiction. It is all about your way of controlling yourself and marking the differences.

The online world has always shown ways to modernization and development. Every invention has made our life better. However, the witness of the negative aspects of the invention is mainly because of absurd human nature. Online games are one of the best amusements in tedious hours. However, the exploitation recorded in present days is the result of addiction. It is good to keep you updated in the online world. Playing online games to a limitation allows you are having real fun.

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